modern jewelry made with above ground diamonds.
original. ethical. timeless.
one of a kind designs made to be uniquely yours.

Mimi Shou began her jewelry making journey at the age of fifteen, selling handmade designs to boutiques and friends. She continued operating an online jewelry business until her senior year of college, where she studied Marketing and Psychology at Georgetown University. Upon graduation, Mimi began her career in retail at Bloomingdale’s, where she became an Assistant Buyer in the Diamonds department. Her experience there renewed her interest in jewelry, and sparked the idea for an ethical fine jewelry line. With a passion for beautiful design, Mimi creates pieces that bring women a new sense of confidence and individuality.

In a world today where social consciousness is inevitable, designers hold the responsibility to create ethical products for consumers. MIMI SHOU utilizes above ground diamonds, which are authentic diamonds made in labs using cutting edge technology to replicate earth’s natural diamond formation process. This allows for the creation of beautiful diamonds without the exploitation of nature or labor. The first of its kind, MIMI SHOU is a progressive fine jewelry line that will always be made to be uniquely yours.